ReBalance Programme from GES Ltd

Supporting mental health and changing patterns.

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Our Programme

Are you tired of having the same old ineffective conversations with students?

Are you worried about how to support the mental health of your students?

Is exam anxiety an increasing concern for your school?

Do you know how to support a student in distress?

Mental health awareness training is great but often doesn’t go far enough. You have the awareness but now what do you do?

The ReBalance Programme provides mental health training and so much more. It gives you practical tools and techniques to use with your students after (and as well as) the mental health training. You can change the negative patterns of thoughts and behaviours of your students. These negative thoughts and behaviours often underpin mental health issues. The ReBalance Programme can be used for five minutes with a single student, or you can easily implement therapeutic programmes to support groups of students. It addresses a wide range of issues including:

  • exam anxiety
  • self-harming
  • low self-esteem
  • low mood/depression
  • gaming addiction
  • social anxiety
  • anger management
  • poor behaviour
  • low attendance

The ReBalance Programme isn’t an ideological, impractical or difficult to use intervention. It is a simple, practical, effective programme the can be used by teaching and support staff. AND it works.

Training to use the ReBalance Programme is available on-site or online, to fit in with your busy schedule. Teachers, SEN Specialists, Pastoral and other support staff can all learn how to use ReBalance effectively.

“The ReBalance Programme has really helped our understanding of our students. It is great how something so simple can effect positive change in our students.”

- Specialist Unit