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ReBalance Programme from GES Ltd.

Give Your Students the Help They Need To Flourish.

Do you want the best for your students, and their grades? Is a fear of exams affecting the way your students perform, and your budget affecting your ability to seek help?

Our specialised team of consultants have first hand experience of this problem, and have dedicated their careers to finding an answer that is effective, smart and won't exhaust your school's budget and time.

With the help of our reliable services, students perform better in exams, meaning you can rest easy knowing your students are achieving the best results they possibly can.

According to the NSPCC, from 2012-2013 there was a 200% increase in UK students seeking counselling for their exam anxiety

Our Programmes

ReBalance is a set of three brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programmes specifically aimed at providing early intervention in schools - Wave 2 & 3 support. The three programmes - Exam Anxiety, General Anxiety and Empowering Yourself (self-harm) - help school provide real soultions to the most common mental health issues affecting our students today.

After 1 x full-day or 2 x inset training sessions YOUR staff will be able to facilitate the programmes unlimited times without extra costs.*

Specialised programmes that target students with particular social or emotional needs, have been identified by the Education Endownment Foundation as one of the most effective ways to use Pupil Premium, in particular where such programmes are ’...supported by professional development and training for staff...‘, as is the case with ReBalance.

The ReBalance programmes are being used in schools and collegese nationwide. 100% of students who complete the course report positive outcomes. 100% of staff who complete the training rate it as excellent or very good.

* - Subject to acceptance of End User License Agreement (EULA)

The Company

Providing high quality training and information to the Education Sector

We are passionate about helping every child achieve their potential. Our mission is to provide high quality training and information to support educators in their roles. Our staff are experienced professionals who have worked in schools/colleges and understand the challenges faced. We strive to provide practical yet powerful services.

Garner Education Services Ltd was established by Sam Garner to provide a range of services to Schools and Colleges. A well known trainer and consultant, Sam has direct experience of Exams and SEN within schools. She has been fortunate to work with many brilliant people and has developed a team of professional consultants, all of whom are experienced and knowledgeable from working at 'The Coal Face' in schools and colleges.

As a qualified CBT practitioner and Child and Adolescent Counsellor, Sam is passionate about empowering school staff and students to support themselves and each other. She has a vast amount of experience working with students in schools, including SEN students and permanently excluded students. Sam trained in the Thrive Programme and is a qualified Triple P Practitioner. With a BA in Music & SEN, high level Child Protection training and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Assessment, Sam understands the pressures of working in schools and how to relate to young people. She also regularly writes for several educational publications.

We also have Christine Franklin as a co-owner. Christine has worked as a Family Support Advisor for the last 6 years within the Educational settings of primary, secondary and private schools. Christine is experienced in the CAF/DAF process as Lead Professional, working alongside a myriad of professional services including, SENCo, Educational Psychologists, Social Services and other supportive services.

We have been fortunate to set up collaborations with many other education service providers and continue to grow as we are asked for additional services. Watch this space for future developments!

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